Bardic Dreaming

Cozy up with this BomBARDed inspired fanzine! Now available online here, or as a PDF here


Bardic Dreaming is a free, non-profit fanzine for the musical D&D podcast BomBARDed.

If you want to send financial appreciation for the zine, we encourage you to donate to the organizations that BomBARDed promotes each month! Even if you can't donate, we encourage you to read up on the organizations and spread the word about the wonderful work they do.

This multimedia fanzine includes:
visual art
short stories
music videos
and more!

The Zine is available online here and as a PDF download here. Please note that the PDF version does not include videos or music; we invite you to view those online!

There is now an image description supplement to go with the PDF version, which you can find here


If you have general questions about the zine, email us at [email protected] or DM us on social media!
We are @BardicDreaming on FB, Insta, and Twitter; @Bardic-Dreaming-Zine on Tumblr.
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